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The year 1920 is the one that marked the history of the Nugnes family, a history basted together by the skilled hands of grandfather Giuseppe, sewn and packaged by his sons and transformed into a business by his grandson Giuseppe, or Beppe, as everyone who knows him calls him.
Fashion. It’s way of life
This is the brief phrase that defines the identity and principles of the Nugnes family. The secret lies in considering fashion as a form of art, something that is constantly changing, that enhances and interprets at the same time. Almost a century has passed since Giuseppe Nugnes, Beppe’s grandfather, started his own tailor’s shop and gained a faithful clientele of bankers, intellectuals, nobility, and businessmen. And in 1956, thanks to the initiative of Beppe’s father, Francesco, and Uncle Antonio, a small haberdashery was opened next door. Then in 1964, the business was moved to its current location in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in the wonderful setting of Palazzo Pugliese (considered one of the most elegant and beautiful buildings in the Region of Puglia in Italy. Under the direction of the two brothers, the company underwent a remarkable evolution: hundreds of garments were made to measure and the little shop soon became a landmark for a refined and discriminating clientele.
“My trade interprets the charm of never-ending stories”
Another important date is 1989: it marks the year the man whose face was to become the very image of Nugnes 1920 entered the company. This figure was of course Beppe, a talented young man and fashion enthusiast who took over the entire company 10 years later. Beppe’s arrival brought a breath of fresh air and renewed enthusiasm to the business, resulting in the opening of a Store dedicated exclusively to women, the total restyling of the Men’s Store, and the birth of Nugnes Now Concept, dedicated to young people. The long-standing tradition of tailoring in the Nugnes family is the very foundation of this business. Thanks to collaboration with larger brand names, the company draws inspiration for forthcoming moods and the latest trends. All these trends are then interpreted by Nugnes to reflect their timeless good taste before being proposed to the client. Every client is a unique story. A path that begins with the purchase and ends with an exchange, exquisitely interpreting every individual identity...to enhance it to the utmost.
“We are tailors of couture. We create a personalised style, made to measure, for each and every client.”
“Architecture, like fashion, is a physical manifestation of the culture of time; both elaborate a vision into a tangible form and then share that vision with people, to dress up or live in as a reflection of their own identity.” Acting on this thought and aiming to pursue constant and innovative research, the space conceived and created for Nugnes Man 1920 was inspired by the classic tailoring of the ideal “Nugnes man”: refine and elegant, yet simple.

Every detail of this interior decor evokes modernity but with classic imprinting, beginning with the choice of materials - like the precious wood essences, the polished surfaces, and sparkling glass. Even brilliant and opaque gold and brass metals combine to give the store its signature style. The link with tradition, reinforced by the choice of materials, is further conveyed by the sense of sunny hospitality typical of the region of Puglia in southern Italy. In fact, this space transcends the idea of a store, becoming the “Nugnes’s home”; inside the warm and sensual sunlight is filtered by the shutters that close over the showcase windows that line the street, lending a pleasant sense of familiarity.

The same can be said for the choice of flooring, a grey stone installed in large rectangular slabs according to a precise geometric design: a decorative trim in rough brass outlines the passage from one area to another, as the entire space is accessible to different sales flows. The furniture expresses a balanced blend of modern, early twentieth-century taste and a decidedly more linear and minimalist design visible in the custom pieces created by local craftsmen.

The same concept was applied in the design of the lighting system. This was created by using varying dimensions of channel steel painted white – like the vaults – and suspended by means of finer versions of the same material. The subtlety of these neutral elements highlights the layout of the decor. The predominant colour is white, used for the vaulted surfaces of the old building, while all the walls and pillars were completely covered in fine wood panelling elegantly interspersed with glass and brass elements. “Nugnes 1920 uomo” is where traditional and contemporary styles are perfectly balanced, and where the concept of luxury is not the shopping itself, but rather a sense of being immersed in harmony that today we can define as “the melting pot taste of the contemporary man”.

Nugnes 1920 Uomo
c.so V. Emanuele 197
76125 Trani (BT)
Tel. 0883.588863
E-mail: uomo@nugnes1920.it
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In keeping with the guidelines established for Nugnes Uomo 1920, a redesigning the women’s store, open since 1997, is being planned. The space in question, situated on the corner opposite Nugnes Uomo 1920, is located in a prestigious historic building called Palazzo Pugliese and features showcase windows that line three main roads. The entire surface area covers about 200 square metres, is completely open and accessible, and every room with its vaulted ceiling is connected to the others by means of a long central corridor that keeps clients on track, inviting them to choose freely between the two entrances located at opposite ends. This corridor also helps organise the space for product displays, from the garment to individual accessories, thanks to the use of structures that change continually according to current needs and guaranteeing easy visibility throughout.

The main concept behind the image of the new “Nugnes woman” and her space will be expressed thanks to the use of new materials guaranteed to generate an interesting mix of sophistication and elegance, uniqueness and contemporaneity. The product will be presented in a welcoming and functional space that is also innovative, a place where shopping and entertainment are combined in a setting that is continually evolving.

Nugnes 1920 Donna
c.so V. Emanuele 183
76125 Trani (BT)
Tel. 0883.582620
E-mail: donna@nugnes1920.it
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“Making a shop is like making clothes, you need to excite and energize people: there has to be the same shock and sense of surprise”. Questo è il leitmotif che ha ispirato il progetto di allestimento dello spazio “nownugnes”. Ogni elemento, che sia un capo di abbigliamento o un qualsiasi altro oggetto, deve essere in grado di emozionare, sorprendere e creare shock in chi partecipa a questa esperienza multisensoriale.

Lo spazio in questione è stato progettato all’interno di un contenitore esistente, in un tessuto edilizio storico. Dal punto di vista strutturale il locale è un lungo-tunnel voltato, che collega due strade parallele piuttosto importanti per la lunghezza di un intero isolato. I due ingressi opposti fra loro perdono una priorità direzionale, ed il tunnel non ha quindi un verso preferenziale generando flussi di vendita multi direzionali.

La superficie totale è di 240mq compreso il piano sottostante, adibito a deposito. Tutto appare come un “non finito”: dai muri agli intonaci, dalle volte agli stessi impianti che annunciano la loro presenza prepotentemente.

Esempi di questo sono i corrugati pendenti alle pareti, i conci in pietra lasciati a vista e tinteggiati di bianco, le superfici pavimentate in cemento grigio lasciate nel loro penultimo stato di finitura, le strutture metalliche grezze, i grossi canali metallici come quelli dell’impianto di climatizzazione che attraversano come fossero draghi festosi e multicolore tutto lo spazio. Il luogo è in realtà un non-luogo, dove tutto avviene, tutto si trasforma, tutto è vendibile, proponibile e ripetibile ed ognuno ne è partecipe come protagonista. Gli elementi di arredo collocati in ogni singola campata, si prestano ad un uso poliedrico, trasformandosi a seconda dalle esigenze richieste. Di fatto lo spazio diviene un contenitore per eventi, sia di natura musicale che artistica: a seconda delle necessità, il banco cassa si trasforma in consolle per il dj; i video wall posti all’esterno, in sostituzione delle classiche vetrine espositive, divengono oggetto di attrazione per i passanti.

Nownugnes è l’idea non convenzionale dove tutto si trasforma e diventa possibile, dove la creatività assumeidentità multiple e dove l’esperienza dello shopping ci accompagna con brio attraverso uno spazio in cui l’inizio sembra non avere fine.

Now Nugnes
c.so Cavour 56
76125 Trani (BT)
Tel. 0883.509017
E-mail: now@nugnes1920.it
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